Mondo’s Latest SHAUN OF THE DEAD Poster Has Some Red On It

In which Rich Kelly knocks it out of the park.

As we have learned over and over again, Mondo and Edgar Wright are two great tastes that go great together. Every time a Mondo artist gets assigned to an Edgar Wright movie, the results are something special, and today's newly-revealed print - a Shaun Of The Dead poster by the great Rich Kelly - is certainly no exception.

Let's take a look!

Shaun Of The Dead by Rich Kelly

$45 Screenprint / Regular Edition of 300

18 x 24"

And here's the announcement, via Mondo:

"Tomorrow we'll have an incredible new poster for one of the best genre films ever, SHAUN OF THE DEAD, by the great Rich Kelly! This is a perfect pairing of artist and filmmaker for us as we're die hard fans of both Edgar Wright's seminal rom-com-zom film and Rich's stylized and brilliant illustration work. With a new entry into Edgar's flawless filmography right around the corner, we couldn't be more excited to celebrate the film that started it all."

So, you folks know the drill by now: the above print will drop at a random time tomorrow (that's June 15th) on Mondo's website. You'll need to be there when it goes live or hanging out on Twitter and watching Mondo's feed for the on-sale announcement. Either way, you'll want to act quickly, because Mondo's Edgar Wright posters tend not to stick around very long. Good luck to everyone who plans on going after one of these!