New WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES Trailer Introduces Bad Ape

This footage is great. It's also kinda spoilery. Make your choice.

Pour one out for the film bloggers of the world. Whereas some of you have the option of not watching trailers before a movie arrives, we've got no choice but to process every one of them for your consumption before throwing 'em up on the site. In a world (har!) where some trailers give away way too much, this can be a real bummer.

Take this new War For The Planet Of The Apes clip, for instance. It's not spoilery in terms of any major plot reveals, but it does ruin a few moments I can't help but believe would've been better experienced in context. 

But, hey - it's your click. Do what ya want with it.

Here we have Bad Ape, the newest addition to the Apes franchise. Played by Steve Zahn, we're told that Bad Ape is a "newly evolved ape" who escaped from a zoo, only to be brought in by Caesar and associates (note: if the apes ever get around to studying law, "Caesar & Associates" would make for a great law firm name). Zahn's mo-cap performance, combined with Weta's truly staggering CGI work, looks like it's gonna be a real heartbreaker.

We're unreasonably pumped about War For The Planet Of The Apes, which arrives on July 14th. How about you guys?