THE CONJURING 2’s Crooked Man Is Getting His Own Spin-Off

The CONJURING Cinematic Universe just keeps getting bigger.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Conjuring 2 has generated another spin-off, this one based on the film's Crooked Man character. Y'know, that Tim Burton-y looking chap in the bowler hat? Big teeth, carrying a cane? You know the one.

The film, which does not yet have a director, will be scripted by newcomer Mike Van Waes and based on a story by James Wan, whose first two Conjuring films kicked off what's now being openly referred to as the "Conjuring Cinematic Universe". That's accurate, I suppose - The Conjuring films have generated three spin-offs thus far (two Annabelle movies and the forthcoming The Nun) - but one can't help but wonder if we should really be referring to this franchise as a "universe".

Like, is this all leading up to a film where Ed and Lorraine Warren will be forced to battle all of The Conjuring franchise's spooks at the same time? I'd like to think an idea that ill-advised would never make it in front of cameras, but then again, I've also seen what Universal's doing with their own Dark Universe, so I suppose anything's possible.

Annabelle: Creation (lol) will arrive in theaters this August. The Nun (starring Demian Bechir!) arrives next July. No word yet on when The Crooked Man might hit theaters, but we'll keep you informed as the updates roll in. While we're waiting on the next one, hit the comments below to express your thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams for the Conjuring Cinematic Universe.