The CALL OF CTHULHU Video Game Will Bring Cosmic Horror To Your Living Room

Press X to "Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!"

About a year ago, we brought you news of The Sinking City, a video game from Frogware Games that would essentially function as an open-world H.P. Lovecraft game. We rejoiced, and then promptly never heard anything about it again.

Flash-forward to today: straight out of E3 comes the first trailer for The Call Of Cthulhu, another H.P. Lovecraft video game which looks somewhat similar...which is to say, it looks like something we need to be playing right this minute.

Check it out:

This Lovecraft game comes to us from the good folks at Focus Home Interactive, and - much like The Sinking City - will put players in a (semi)open-world environment and task them with maintaining their sanity while investigating mysterious and unspeakable goings-on in a dark and foreboding environment. It's based on both Lovecraft's short story of the same name and the 1981 role-playing game.

Here's a list of the game's features, via Uproxx:

– Investigative RPG set in the Lovecraft Universe, developed with Unreal Engine 4.
– Play as Edward Pierce and shed light on Sarah Hawkins murder, while facing the horrors of a grim island filled with monstrosities lurking in the dark.
– Doubt your own senses and experience true madness, thanks to the game’s unique sanity and psychosis crisis mechanics. Enhance your character’s abilities and use new skills to discover the truth.
– Recruit and lead a small team of investigators, sending them across the island to solve various cases.
– Experience rich, open exploration, full of deep dialogue with meaningful choices that impact the narrative and relationships with your companions.

Look, I have long maintained that the world needs more Lovecraft-branded cosmic horror in it, so I'm absolutely thrilled to discover this game exists (I'll be doubly thrilled if we can get an update on The Sinking City at some point). It's also cool to see these games employing the a "sanity" mechanic similar to the one found in...well, quite a few other horror games. Amnesia did it, Bethesda did it back in the day with Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth (a criminally-undervalued game well ahead of its time). It's a good gimmick!

We can't wait to find out more! For now, all we know is that Call Of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game arrives on PC, PS4 and XBOX One later this year. You folks as excited about this as we are? Sound off in the comments below.