Weekend In Review: Tupac Holds His Own Against Pixar And WONDER WOMAN

If you're surprised by ALL EYEZ ON ME's success, you've not been paying attention.

Benny Boom's All Eyez On Me didn't make critics (or Jada Pinkett Smith) very happy, but that didn't hurt its performance at the box office: the film raked in around $30M, coming in third place and holding its own to an admirable degree against both Wonder Woman (which earned an incredible $40M+ in its third weekend in release) and Pixar's Cars 3.

Some people seem to think that All Eyez On Me's success is "surprising" or "amazing", but is it, really? Really? At what point will these stunned people notice a pattern with predominantly black films overperforming at the box office? Why, it's almost as though there's a built-in audience out there.

Pixar's Cars 3, meanwhile, came in first with over $50M, a very solid - though not quite spectacular - opening. The film was certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and pulled down an A CinemaScore from audiences (fun fact: that's Pixar's 18th straight A CinemaScore), so this one will probably be hanging around the box office's top five for a while.

More importantly, Cars 3 can lay claim to being the film that finally bumped Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman out of the top spot (don't cry for Wonder Woman; its ongoing success is an undeniable phenomenon, and this was bound to happen sooner or later).

The weekend's real shocker, however, is that Colin Trevorrow's The Book Of Henry failed to crack the top ten. Of course the film opened on a comparatively limited number of screens (579 compared to, say, Cars 3's 4,250+), but word of mouth was so strong that we can't help but feel shocked. I am feeling much regret this morning about betting $10,000 that Book Of Henry would come in first with $200M (with a side-bet that it'd do another $500M worldwide). Guess I read the tea leaves wrong on this one! Nobody's perfect!

That about does it for this weekend, folks. We've all got a new Twin Peaks to look forward to tonight, Father's Day lunches/dinners to get through, and hangovers to nurse. What are you doing with your weekend? Anything particularly awesome? Let us know in the comments below (especially if you went and saw Book Of Henry; I'm catching it tonight and could not be more excited).