Gail Simone Returns To Wonder Woman With CONAN Crossover

The six-issue series arrives this fall.

Gail Simone kicks ass at Tweeting, but did you know she also writes comics in her spare time? Birds of Brey, Secret Six, Conan/Red Sonja and the New 52 Batgirl all have her name to them, and she even had a two year run on Wonder Woman between 2008 and 2010. Having helped shape the women of DC into what they are today, Simone is all set to return to the character of Diana Prince later this year, in what promises to be one hell of a cool crossover.

Here’s how the folks at Den of Geek describe the upcoming series:

“The story starts with Conan washing ashore in a strange land and meeting Wonder Woman, a legendary gladiator. They're soon captured by a powerful slave owner and have to face off with a dark power trying to take both of them down.”

Well, it’s a bit darker than Conan’s usual material (I think we all know which vehicle enthusiast the "dark power" refers to here!), but I have faith in the creative team of Simone, artist Aaron Lopresti, inker Matt Ryan, and colorist Wendy Broome.

Wonder Woman/Conan won’t be the first collaboration between DC and Dark Horse (where my Superman and Batman versus Aliens and Predator fans at?), but it feels like a long time coming since these two are so suited for a team-up. Wonder Woman, with her celebrity status, and Conan with his wit and charm behind the desk.

Here’s what the cover looks like:

Not quite what I had in mind for Conan’s hair, but certain creative liberties must be taken. Still, after being replaced the way he was in 2010, a comic with WONDER WOMAN ain’t so bad. No word yet on whether or not any of his hilarious supporting cast will show up, but I wouldn’t count it out since Simone has been a fan for some time, and seems to prefer him to most of his contemporaries:

The first issue arrives September 20th. Wonder Woman is in theatres now. Conan airs weeknights on TBS.