UPDATED: You’ll Never Guess Who’s On The New JUSTICE LEAGUE Poster

UPDATE: This poster ain't official.

UPDATE: So, as it turns out, this isn't an official Justice League poster. In our ongoing quest to bring you piping-hot poster takes, we neglected to realize that the image below is fan made. We're going to leave this post up as a warning to others and as penance for our buffoonery. Sorry, folks.

Over on Twitter, the DC Extended Universe feed just dropped a brand new poster for November's Justice League. Guess who's on it? 

That's right: Superman.

Heretofore, Superman (Henry Cavill) has been largely absent from Justice League's marketing campaign. I mean, there was never any doubt that Superman would be back - we've seen photos of Cavill on set, and Batman V Superman made it painfully obvious that Supes was still alive, and also this is a friggin' Justice League movie - but for anyone who wasn't entirely sure, there he is. The Big Blue Boyscout. His package looks weird.

Also announced: Justice League's second trailer will premiere during this year's SDCC, on July 22nd. You can either stand in line for 18 hours to see it in Hall H or you can stay home and watch it on your computers. Your call. 

Justice League arrives in theaters on November 17th.