Director Of NIGHTCRAWLER Reunites With Jake Gyllenhaal And Rene Russo For New Film

Dan Gilroy's getting the band back together.

Dan Gilroy's Nightcrawler is beloved by the Birth.Movies.Death. team, and has been ever since it closed Fantastic Fest a few years back. As such, we were very excited to learn about Inner City (the film Gilroy's currently in production on with Denzel Washington), and are now unreasonably excited to learn Gilroy's got another project in the works.

The film, which will reunite Gilroy with Nightcrawler cast members Rene Russo (Gilroy's wife) and Jake Gyllenhaal, doesn't have a title or a studio attached, but Deadline - who broke the story - says those kinks oughtta be sorted out in short order: apparently, multiple studios (including Netflix) are circling the project, and an announcement is expected within the week.

What we do know is that Gilroy's untitled film will take place "in the art world" and will be unlike either Nightcrawler or Inner City. So...a comedy? A musical? A 3D animated family film? No idea, but we're damn curious to find out. As long as Dan Gilroy's out there making movies, we'll be paying attention.

Stay tuned for more on this (and Inner City!) as further updates roll in.