SUPERNATURAL Has Another Spinoff in the Works!

This time with 100% more characters we know involved.

Supernatural has been around longer than some of your kids. We’re going into season thirteen this fall, and the CW show has shown no signs of wrapping things up anytime soon. A couple of years ago, the show tried to cash in on its popularity by tossing in a spinoff called Bloodlines. Unfortunately, that show had nothing to do with any of the characters, and no one cared about it. But it looks like the showrunners Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer are learning from their mistakes.

Fans have absolutely begged for a Wayward Daughters spinoff featuring Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and Sheriff Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster) since the two started getting screen time together, and what they’re getting isn’t that far off. 

Deadline is reporting that a backdoor pilot for a show called Wayward Sisters is in the works for season thirteen of Supernatural. The show will focus on orphans who lost their parents through supernatural tragedy, all of which will be trained by Jody to defend themselves and live in a world of monsters, demons and angels. As of right now, Rhodes character is the only one mentioned as involved in the series, but Buckmaster’s Donna, Kathrn Newton’s Claire and Kathrine Ramdeen’s Alex are all logical additions to the show. 

The Winchester brothers are really going to have to return Jody’s Tupperware if she’s about to have all those orphans in her house…