Corey Stoll And Kyle Chandler Join Damien Chazelle’s FIRST MAN

This is one hell of a cast.

Did you know Neil Armstrong played the trumpet? Just putting that out there in case you were worried Chazelle’s fourth film wouldn’t also be about a jazz musician, though sadly First Man won’t focus on the famous astronaut’s stint at Purdue. Instead, it’ll take place between ’61 and ’69 (nice), chronicling that whole moon-landing business that definitely wasn’t faked by Stanley Kubrick.

Corey Stoll of Ant-Man and House of Cards fame joins Ryan Gosling’s Neil Armstrong as second-man-on-the-moon and solid right hook Buzz Aldrin, beginning what will probably be a Spielberg-esque series of casting announcements alongside The Wolf of Wall Street’s Kyle Chandler.

The latter plays Deke Slayton, a Mercury Seven astronaut subsequently responsible for picking the Apollo 11 crew, so it seems like La La Land director Chazelle and Spotlight scribe Josh Singer are going pretty deep with this thing. I hope they cast someone like Brad Pitt as Michael Collins though. He deserves something like that for all his troubles.

First Man arrives October 12th 2018.