PSA: RAW, The Best New Horror Movie You’ve Not Seen, Is Now Rentable Via Amazon

Well worth your $6.

Admittedly, this is a weird post.

Julia Ducournau's Raw is not free to stream for Amazon Prime members, but it is currently available to rent via Amazon. That's it. That's all the news you'll find in this post. Maybe you're not impressed. Maybe you're like, "Um, this post is basically a commercial for Raw?" 

Well, guess what, chumps? It is (we're just not getting paid for it, sad).

Raw is hands-down one of the best horror films to come along in years, one the entire Birth.Movies.Death. staff fell in love with when it played at Fantastic Fest last year, and you're likely to see it on a few of our top-ten lists come 2017's end. It's that good, and we're that excited to realize you can all watch it now. Sure, it'll cost you $6, but that'll be the best $6 you've spent all month.

So, please, listen to what we're telling you: give Raw a whirl tonight (perhaps you can pair it with a steak cooked rare). You will not regret it.