The MIXTAPE MASSACRE Team is Adding Another Expansion!

I think the rule is don't piss of death. Maybe?

Mixtape Massacre’s been pretty popular ‘round these parts, and we come bearing news! After the game’s success both on round one and with its last expansion, the team behind the game is at it again with another Kickstarter. The new expansion will be titled Black Masque, and it goes so far as to introduce Death himself into the game. If the video’s any indication, this one’s even bloodier than the last, too!

Give it a look:

As you can see, they’ve added a whole array of new goodies, including the introduction of challenges and events. The new addition will also add to what already made the game one of the best! You’ll get new death cards, challenge cards, victims, bonus tracks, and more to help add to your killing-spree as you try to outlast your other slashers.

Whether it’s expanding what was already there, or it’s a brand new feature to the game, all of the art is custom illustrated. Don’t see enough goodies that you’re into with what they have to offer right off the bat? Their stretch goals up the amount of stabbity goodness for backers! If this is as much up your alley as it is ours, you can check out the Kickstarter here.