Another Avenger To Show Up In SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Sequel

Get yer speculatin’ hats on.

The deal between Sony and Disney was surprisingly simple. Marvel gets to use Spider-Man in movies like Civil War and the next two Avengers sequels, and they also get to make solo Spidey films in the MCU, financed, marketed and distributed by Sony. In return, Sony gets to use some the big-time Marvel players in said Spidey outings.

In case you missed the posters, Spider-Man: Homecoming has Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr.’s box-office sure thing in his third-to-last appearance as the character. Downey ends his already re-negotiated stint as Tony stark with Avengers: Infinity War and its 2019 sequel, but whether or not he signs on for more Marvel movies (unlikely), it seems his appearance in the Spider-Man series next month is a one-and-done. So, who’s it going to be next time around?

That’s yet to be determined according to THR, but you can bet Sony would want a key player. Steve Rogers immediately comes to mind – he’s another Avenger Spidey looks up to. They’re both New Yorkers, and their brief interactions in Civil War were pretty fun – but as of now, Chris Evans isn’t contracted to appear beyond the fourth Avengers film either. Of course, there’s every chance Sam Wilson could have the mantle by then. That would be pretty cool.

Assuming it’s none of the original Avengers, Doctor Strange seems like the most likely candidate. The Sanctum Santorum is a train ride from Queens (twenty minutes, ideally; maybe three hours if Cuomo is NY Governor in the MCU). He could easily mentor Peter against a slightly more out-there villain, and we’re all clearly itching to see Morbius The Living Vampire on screen.

Another option could be Captain Marvel. If she’s going to eventually mentor a young East Coast superhero like Kamala Khan, she may as well get some practice. She and Peter dated briefly in the comics, though given that he’s still a kid in this universe, that probably won’t happen – however, their dynamic is still pretty fun and unique. Pair Peter up with Tony or Stephen Strange, and you’ve got quips versus quips. Pair him up with Carol and you’ve got someone getting fed up with his shtick.

Who do you want to see opposite Peter in the next one? The Spider-Man: Homecoming sequels arrives July 5th 2019, so it won’t be long before we have a definite answer.