Carnage Will Appear In the VENOM Movie

This movie’s going to be edgy all right.

Plans for a Venom movie have been around for well over a decade; David Goyer’s New Line version before Spider-Man 3, a spin-off from Spider-Man 3 itself, and even a couple of incarnations in the Amazing Spider-Man series. One idea has popped up over and over again in all these different iterations, and that’s Venom as an anti-hero fighting the symbiote Carnage. Now, with Tom Hardy in the lead role of a movie that’s actually happening (probably), it seems like this eXtremely ‘90s idea will finally come to fruition.

THR reports that the villain will appear in next year’s Sony Spin-Off Universe (come up with a better name and I’ll give you 5 bucks), and honestly, we’ve been kind of preparing for this possibility for the last ten years. For those unaware, Carnage is basically Venom – a superpowered symbiote latching itself on to a host – only he’s red and the first host he finds is sociopathic murderer Cletus Kassidy.

Just how potentially edgy could this villain be? Here’s a list of some things he's done:

- Murdered his grandmother

- Tried to kill his mother with a hair dryer

- Tortured his dog to death with a power drill

- Murdered an official at an orphanage

- Burnt down said orphanage

- Pushed a girl in front of a bus when she refused to date him

That was all just when he was a kid, mind you. Good old Cletus Kassidy went on to do a whole lot more murderin’ as a grown up before going to prison, where he shared a cell with Eddie Brock. It was here that the Venom symbiote reproduced and its spawn bonded with Cassidy – oh yeah Carnage is basically Venom’s kid – and the rest, as they say, is history...

So, who’s excited?! Venom arrives October 5th 2018.