Mahershala Ali And Brian Tyree Henry Join Animated SPIDER-MAN Film

Miles Morales gets a high-calibre family.

Untitled Animated Spider-Man Film has a lot of talent behind it. The LEGO Movie’s Phil Lord & Chris Miller wrote it, with contributions from Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch. Bob Persichetti and Peter Ramsey are directing (the latter’s Rise of the Guardians is an underrated gem). Liev Schrieber plays the yet-to-be-revealed villain, and Shameik Moore of The Get Down is voicing Spidey himself. By Spidey I mean Miles Morales of course, Peter Parker’s successor, and joining the film as his family are two prominent actors who make this prospect even more exciting.

The Tracking Board reports Mahershala Ali (Moonlight) and Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) will voice Aaron and Jefferson Davis respectively, Miles’ uncle and father. The duo were once super-thieves together, and while Aaron eventually settled down when he married Miles’ mum, Jefferson continued his life of tech-enhanced cat burglary as The Prowler, and he plays a vital role in getting Miles bitten by a genetically enhanced spider.

The film, which I’m going to go ahead and call Ultimate Spider-Man until I hear otherwise, hits theatres December 14th, 2018. Just a week before Aquaman! That ought to be interesting.