Phil Lord & Chris Miller Met With DC About THE FLASH

This doesn’t mean anything yet, but it could.

Phil Lord & Chris Miller’s ousting from the Han Solo film has felt odd, to say the least. Speculation about that project and the directors’ next one has flown left & right, with folks suggesting they ought to return to DC’s slowly sinking The Flash ship and set it back on course. It seemed like fanboy wishful thinking, at least at first – the duo helped script the thing before Seth-Grahame Smith and then Rick Famuyiwa vacated the director’s chair, but that was two years and ten million drafts ago – though now we seem to have new info that makes the speculation a bit less baseless.

According to The Wrap, Lord & Miller were called in to discuss directing the Scarlett Speedster’s solo debut. Famuyiwa left The Flash back in October, but the LEGO Movie duo met with the folks at DC Films during the production hiatus of the Star Wars spin-off, just a couple of months ago.

Keep in mind, nobody except the folks in that meeting knows what went down there. In all likelihood, Lord & Miller were at the top of the list because of their prior involvement before DC contacted the likes of Robert Zemeckis and Matthew Vaughn, so The Flash could very well be behind them once more. The plan seemed to be a page-one rewrite as recently as January, so there’s a good chance everything Lord & Miller contributed has already been tossed out.

On the other hand, The Flash hasn’t managed to lock down a new director in the last eight months, and the duo obviously have a little more time on their hands. Would they want to jump back in to a major franchise so quickly? Would WB want them to, and allow them to do their own thing? We can’t really say for sure, but it would certainly make them the third instance of directors having a not-so-great time over at Disney before jumping ship to DC in a major capacity, were it to happen .We’ve already seen the result of Patty Jenkins’ work on Wonder Woman, and Joss Whedon is currently overseeing several months of Justice League reshoots before moving on to Batgirl, so maybe this’ll start a trend.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more. Untitled Han Solo Movie currently has a May 25th 2018 release date. The Flash remains unscheduled.