Sony Planning KRAVEN And MYSTERIO Spin-Offs

And another 900 villain movies, probably.

Well, well, well, looks like things are about to get sinister over at the Sony Spin-Off Universe, henceforth known as the SSOU. A Venom movie featuring ‘90s murderboy Carnage. A Gina Prince-Bythewood directed Silver Sable & Black Cat. And soon, individual outings for villains Mysterio and Kraven The Hunter.

According to THR, Sony is slowly working their way up to the Sinister Six-style shared villain continuity they tried to launch all at once after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 before that whole thing fell apart. Next on the docket? Master magician Mysterio, i.e. if Marvel cast a goldfish bowl as Doctor Strange instead of Benedict Cumberbatch:

Also on the Sony Spin-Off white-board? Kraven The Hunter! Ya boi Sergei likes to hunt big game, and there’s no bigger game in town than Spider-Man. And don’t worry: if you’re thinking a Kraven movie doesn’t make sense without Spidey, there’s always a chance he could swing between the MCU and SSOU, according to producer Amy Pascal.

Untitled Mysterio Film and Untitled Kraven The Hunter Movie They Probably Shouldn’t Do Without Spider-Man don’t have release dates yet, but should Venom do reasonably well next year, you can expect them sooner rather than later.