The STRONGER Trailer: Just Go Ahead And Give Jake Gyllenhaal The Oscar Now

David Gordon Green's latest is a true story.

The first trailer for David Gordon Green's Stronger has arrived, and holy smokes does this movie look like it wants to yank on your heartstrings. Based on the true story of Bostonite Jeff Bauman (who tragically lost both his legs in 2013's Boston Marathon bombing), it finds Jake Gyllenhaal in what can only be described as "I'm Ready For My Oscar Now" mode. 

That's not necessarily a bad thing!

Looks pretty solid from where I'm standing! I generally David Gordon Green's output, I'm fully onboard the Gyllenhaal train (Nightcrawler and Enemy ensured I will be a lifelong fan), and - let's be honest - we could probably all use a heartfelt underdog story right about now. I might otherwise turn up my nose at such earnestness, but in this case I'm gonna allow it. I want to feel all of the triump.

Stronger arrives in theaters on September 22nd. You folks feeling it or nah? Sound off below.