The Next BMD Event Is A LABYRINTH Quote-Along!

Just you and Jareth. And Sarah. And Toby. And Hoggle. And...

Last month we announced BMD Events with tickets to the upcoming Jaws On The Water blitz, and we're super excited to follow-up Jaws with our next BMD Event: the Labyrinth Quote-Along! A little more on that: 

What could possibly be more magical than watching this iconic ‘80s fantasy conjured by Jim Henson, George Lucas and David Bowie at the peak of their powers on the big screen? Feeling it come truly alive in a theater packed with fellow fans! At our interactive celebrations you’ll sing, quote, and dance (magic) dance the night away.

With on-screen subtitles and animated cues for the most memorable lines and for every song lyric, you can be sure the whole theater will be belting along with Bowie and shouting “YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME” along with Sarah at *just* the right moment.  It’s the next best thing to Jareth the Goblin King actually showing up at your bedroom window.

And while Alamo Drafthouse audiences have had similar experiences in the past, this summer, for the first time ever, we’re working with independent theaters across the country to bring QUOTE-ALONG LABYRINTH shows to cities and kingdoms everywhere, including our very first Movie Palace movie party at LA’s Theatre at the Ace Hotel.

Check out the full list of participating theaters HERE, and if you have a favorite local theater that’s not on the list yet, let us know! We’ll be adding new locations as theater programmers confirm, so check back often or follow your local theaters to get your tickets as they go on sale.

All screenings will feature a prop bag stuffed with magical goodies to bring the action vividly to life. Fill the air with bubbles during Jareth’s floating crystal scene! Get a whiff of the Bog of Eternal Stench with smell-along cards! Take off your “head” and toss it around the room along with the Fierys — and much, much more.

Coming in costume isn’t required, but very much encouraged. Here’s your chance to channel your inner Sarah, Hoggle, or Sir Didymus… and, of course, there can never be too many Jareths.

Buy your ticket and come spend forever with us, not long at all.

While you’re at it, commemorate your time in the Goblin Kingdom by conjuring yourself a MONDO pint glass designed by DKNG, available exclusively at participating theaters.

Stay tuned for many, many, MANY more BMD Events in the future. Soon we'll even have some screenings hosted by a few of your favorite BMD faces, so keep your eyes trained to the Events Page!