The BMD Week That Was: Han Solo, Spider-Man And Transformers

Shining a light on those hard to reach stories.

Most days, a whole lot of stuff passes across our front page. Sometimes worthy stories disappear a bit too quickly. For that reason, we’re putting together an overview of how the week went down. From crazy news stories, to editorials we love, to just plain goofy articles that deserve a second look - this is The BMD Week that Was.

I don’t think anyone can dispute that the big news this week revolved around Han Solo. First, it was announced that directors Lord and Miller were suddenly leaving the project. After that bombshell, everyone sorted through the rubble with little details leaking each new day. Why were they fired? Is it significant that they met with Warner Bros. about The Flash? Jacob wrote a great editorial on the news here. It all concluded with yet another shockwave as Ron Howard was announced as the grownup manger hired to clean up this mess.

Oh, also Daniel-Day Lewis retired from acting. I think he's writing about comic books for us now or something.

In addition to that was what seemed like a ton of Spider-Man news on both the Marvel and Sony sides. Regarding the former, I believe we got one million new Spider-Man: Homecoming posters (you'd have to ask Wampler how many exactly). As for the latter, we don’t know if Venom will appear in a Spider-Man movie, but apparently Carnage will definitely show up in a Venom movie. On top of that, Sony wants to make Kraven and Mysterio spin-offs. Jeez, Sony.

But that’s not all that happened at BMD. The week started with Father’s Day and Emily Sears’ moving account of how she connected to her dad through films like The Natural and Field of Dreams. Also, we announced that the next BMD event will be a Labyrinth quote-along!

I enjoyed an exercise in extremes as I reviewed both Michael Bay’s latest insane Transformers movie and 1960’s amazing French prison break film Le Trou.

Broad Cinema this week looked at The Corpse Bride and the importance of casting in animated films. Meanwhile, Amelia defended the little that works in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. On the Twin Peaks front, Meredith finally joined the party!

So if you're bored this weekend and looking for something to read, I do believe we are your Huckleberry. Have fun, and we'll see you next week!