INGRID GOES WEST Gets A Beautiful New Poster

Check out them colors!

Disclosure: Tim League co-owns NEON and Birth.Movies.Death.

Ingrid Goes West, the story of a lonely girl named Ingrid who tracks down an Instagram stranger she's obsessed with, doesn’t come out until August. But when it finally does, you guys are in for a real treat.

In the meantime, we get to enjoy the film’s marketing, which has been great thus far. That trend continues with this beautiful new poster:

Even if I knew nothing about this movie, that poster would have caught my eye simply for the cool colors and art style involved. The tagline is also totally on target and it does a good job showing off the film’s supporting cast (I dare you to watch this and not fall in love with O’Shea Jackson Jr).

Like I said, Ingrid Goes West comes out in August, on the 11th to be precise. Hopefully another trailer comes out soon.