Jackie Chan Gets Serious In Trailer For Martin Campbell’s THE FOREIGNER

Pierce Brosnan teams back up with his GOLDENEYE director.

Martin Campbell has made some really bad movies (Green Lantern) and some really good movies (Casino Royale). Which means his involvement with The Foreigner doesn’t tell us much about what kind of quality to expect. Luckily, we also have this trailer:

American audiences tend to see Jackie Chan as a funny ass-kicker type character. That does not seem to be the case here, as the film’s plot finds the actor playing a guy who goes HAM after the death of his daughter. Like full-on Rambo HAM. Helping him (unwillingly, I think) is Pierce Brosnan, reteamed with the only director to give him a good James Bond movie.

I like the looks of this. Seeing Chan get so serious is refreshing and some of the action in this trailer looks decent. Hopefully that ends up being the case with the film comes out this October.