Marvel’s INHUMANS Gets A Poster And Air Date

Who’s ready for more Scott Buck?

In case it slipped your mind, there are actually four Marvel IMAX releases in 2017, though it seems like Inhumans is going to be as separate from the MCU as any of these shows have been. But hey, at least it has this cool poster:

The big head there is Anson Mount as an un-masked King Blackbolt. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll wear his mask at least half the time. Surely they won’t shy away from that detail in the year of our lord two-oh-ten-seven? The smaller head in the wig is Serinda Swan as Queen Medusa and the one way down at the bottom is Iwan Rheon as Blackbolt’s scheming brother Maximus. He’s sort of like Loki if Loki got wasted at an Ancient Egypt-themed party and stole his costume off a Sphynx display.

Are you wondering why we still haven’t gotten a proper trailer for this thing even though one was edited and ready for release? Well, if you know which corners of the Internet to poke around, you’ll be able to see for yourself. Just don’t get your hopes up!

The series begins airing September 29th on ABC, from Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck.