New SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Poster Is An Eyesore, But Kind Of On Purpose

Behold, the IMAX "Yearbook" poster for SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING.

The posters for Spider-Man: Homecoming have run the gamut, from delightful to disastrous and everything in-between. Today's poster (note: Spider-Man: Homecoming poster drops will likely continue until Spider-Man: Homecoming 2's poster blitzkrieg begins, and on and on until the sun swallows the Earth itself) strikes a balance of being a total eyesore...but somewhat intentionally so.

Check it out:

This is Spider-Man: Homecoming's IMAX poster, and has apparently been mocked up to look something like a yearbook collage. My immediate reaction to this one-sheet was to shield my eyes and call the police, but once they arrived and gave me some sedatives and I realized what Marvel was going for on this one, I'm actually kinda charmed by it! It's goofy and kinda childish, but this is a new era of Peter Parker we're entering into, and my understanding is that "goofy and kinda childish" is probably quite fitting for this younger, sassier Spider-Man.

What do you guys think? Into it? How many more Spider-Man: Homecoming posters do you think we'll see this week? 400? 500? How many of these posts do you think I can write up before I have cause to file a class-action harassment lawsuit against Marvel? Sound off in the comments below.