Kumail Nanjiani Sings Co-Star Anupam Kher’s Praises Prior To THE BIG SICK

There are no small roles.

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The Big Sick has been winning over hearts at every festival it’s played at. As we creep closer to the wide release, it keeps finding new ways to do so! You can even find a special menu in honor of the film if you head to the right Alamo Drafthouse location. Star and co-writer of the film, Kumail Nanjiani did an interview with the Drafthouse team back at SXSW. In it, he discussed the actor that played his father, Anupam Kher.

Kumail has a cute story about his father and his meeting with the Bollywood Star, and even shares his own adoration as he discusses the actor’s tenure. Anupam Kher’s career spans genres and continents, and exists on both sides of the camera. A glance at his filmography will also tell you just how many irons this guy keeps in the fire at once! Though he hasn’t appeared in any of the trailers for The Big Sick, it’s obvious from the way Kumail talks about him that he plays a very important role in the film. You can check out a clip from both the interview and one of Kher’s most famed films below!

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