A24’s GOOD TIME Gets An Intense New Trailer

This one looks like it's gonna be wild.

For quite a while, Robert Pattinson was nothing more than "the sparkly vampire bro from the Twilight movies", and...well, let's just say he was not the most beloved actor in certain film geek circles during that time. But ever since, Pattinson's been staging something of a respectability comeback, working with interesting directors (David Michod, David Cronenberg, Werner Herzog) and earning rave reviews for his work in movies like Cosmopolis and this year's The Lost City Of Z

Now he's got another interesting project on deck - a race-against-the-clock thriller called Good Time - and it looks like it's going to serve as the latest stop on Pattinson's "Let's All Just Forget About Twilight" tour. 

Check this out:

This looks great, right? Stylishly shot, frenetically paced and tightly wound, the Safdie Brothers' Good Time seems like it's gonna be a blast. Perhaps it won't be the easiest sit in the world (those scenes with Pattinson's brother in jail look straight-up harrowing), but all signs point to this one being something special. It's yet another interesting project for Pattinson, and we're hoping it delivers on the hype.

Good Time opens on August 18th. You down for it or what?