Alec Baldwin’s Not Done Playing Donald Trump Yet

SNL gets to keep its golden goose.

Saturday Night Live enjoyed one of its biggest seasons’s ever last year. Due to all the election insanity, it probably would have been a big one anyway, but Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impression certainly helped it along quite a bit (with an added bump from Melissa McCarthy’s great Sean Spicer).

But the big question was whether or not he would get stuck playing this character forever. He is not a cast member, after all, and has a busy career voicing CG babies to worry about. It turns out he has found time to squeeze more Donald Trump SNL appearances in as the actor has confirmed to CNN that he’ll be back now and then next year.

My take: I kind of wish he weren’t. Baldwin’s Trump is a winner for sheer grotesqueness but also feels like a one-note parody, especially after all the times we’ve seen him do it (1,339 by my count). Not that I have an alternative in mind for Trump, but last year’s Baldwin-free cold opens always felt like a challenge for the writers and usually created better sketches overall. I may be in the minority on this, however.

What do you think? Is this good news, or are you tired of Baldwin’s Trump-mugging. Let us know in the comments!