Buy This SWEET/VICIOUS Fan Art And Support Survivors

We believe you.

At the Sweet/Vicious panel at this year's ATX Television Festival, creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson asked a woman in the audience to stand up and show us the shirt she'd made. On it, three women - Robinson and Sweet/Vicious stars Eliza Bennett (Jules) and Taylor Dearden (Ophelia) - are sketched standing together above the show's powerful motto: We Believe You. 

Her name's Brittany Dailey, and she commissioned the art from artist Kate Trish. This week she made the art available as stickers or post cards on RedBubble

I spoke to Brittany about her beautiful gesture - offering all proceeds from her Sweet/Vicious art to RAINN, the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization. I asked how she came up with this important image: 

I conceived of the art in light of the show getting cancelled. But more importantly, about a month ago, my friend shared with me that she was assaulted, just days before. I commissioned the art as a testament to the show and the survivors, and how important it is for them to know that they are valid and believed.

That continues to be the most powerful part about Sweet/Vicious, a series gone far too soon that spoke out on behalf of survivors of sexual assault. "We believe you" is such a simple, significant message, one that can never be said often enough.

After Robinson had Brittany stand up in front of a room full of Sweet/Vicious' most devoted fans, the image blew up somewhat. 

She says:

It really was an outlet for me in order to process this epidemic and support my friend. I didn't expect it to be received as well as it did. I honestly couldn't ignore the importance that it could have for other survivors, which is why I decided to make it available, as well as taking any profit and donating it to RAINN.

Get your sticker or greeting card HERE. Brittany also wants survivors to know that if you can't afford to purchase one, just reach out to her and she'll be sure you get one. 

If you haven't yet, watch Sweet/Vicious. It's the rare kind of show that inspires not only art but acts of generosity. And most importantly, always listen. Always believe.