Jonathan Frakes To Direct STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Episode

Good news for a show that could use some.

Details remain annoyingly sparse in regards to this fall’s (?) Star Trek: Discovery. I’ve been kind of down on the show lately, so really any good news that comes out is a win.

This probably counts. According to EW, Commander Riker himself, Jonathan Frakes, will come back to the Star Trek fold once more to direct an episode of the show.

Don’t expect Riker to pop up or anything, but I’m happy about this. Frakes’ work as a Star Trek movie director was kind of spotty (don’t @ me you First Contact fans), but his Star Trek television episodes were quite good. A lot has changed since then, but I have faith that his Discovery episode will be one worth watching.

Of course, we don’t know anything about which episode that will be or what it’ll be about. But that’s just life as a Star Trek fan lately.