Sissy Spacek And Jane Levy Join Hulu’s CASTLE ROCK Series

Decades later, Sissy Spacek's getting back in the Stephen King game.

Bit by bit, Hulu's Castle Rock series is shaping up.

Today we've learned that two excellent actress have joined the cast, and one of them is a Stephen King universe veteran: according to The Daily Dead, both Jane Levy and Sissy Spacek have joined the show's cast. They've even got descriptions on who they'll be playing:

"Spacek will play Ruth Deaver, estranged adoptive mother of Henry (Andre Holland), a retired professor whose fading memories may hold a key to Castle Rock's unsettling past.

Jane Levy (Suburgatory, Don't Breathe) has been cast in Hulu's upcoming original drama series Castle Rock. Levy will play Jackie, the death-obsessed, self-appointed historian of Castle Rock."

Unless I'm mistaken, all of these characters are new to Castle Rock mythology. In fact, it's becoming more and more evident that Castle Rock won't lean as heavily on already-established King characters as that initial trailer may have implied. One presumes we'll be seeing at least some of those folks (surely they wouldn't just list off all those names for no reason), but we won't know for sure until someone makes that official...or another performer is announced as playing one of those roles. 

In any event, Spacek and Levy are both great gets for this series, and lord knows we're excited to see Moonlight's Andre Holland doing his thing in a Stephen King project. Here's hoping we get further details on how Castle Rock's going to function in the near future. We're super curious about all this.