First DEATH NOTE Poster Reveals Willem Dafoe’s Ryuk The Shinagami

Note: he’s a death spirit.

Let me be up front: I know nothing about Death Note outside of some nerds making me write my name in some notebook and then laughing because I was going to die or something. That said, Willem Dafoe as a cross between Disney’s Hades and his prosthetic Green Goblin that never was is totally my jam.

Here’s Adam Wingard revealing the character via Twitter:

That appears to be the best look at the character so far, and while there will potentially be more conversations about representation once the film arrives, it doesn’t seem like Dafoe’s Ryuk is a major focus of the controversy. The Death Note fan wiki tells me he likes apples, so I hope we get to see him eat an apple at some point.

Death Note hits Netflix on August 25th. Please don't explain the notebook thing to me.