Hugh Jackman Does Not Sing In First THE GREATEST SHOWMAN Trailer

This is a musical, right?

Ah, the tried and true musical trailer that is afraid to let you know it is a musical. It has been a while, and I missed you. Nice to see you again this morning on the occasion of The Greatest Showman’s first trailer:

Hugh Jackman is a sad worker in a Dickensian nightmare who realizes that by gathering bearded ladies and short folk, he can swindle his fellow man out of many nickel pieces and finally give his wife the life she deserves. And presumably, he sings a lot while doing it.

He certainly doesn’t sing in this trailer. But he does charm. That’s the Hugh Jackman promise. In fact, he charms so much, this trailer really doesn’t have time for anyone else. Not Michelle Williams. Not Rebecca Ferguson. And not Zac Efron’s abs. I guess they need to save some stuff for trailers 2-4.

The Greatest Showman plans to wow your families and Oscar voters alike when it comes out December 25. Get ready for a lot of punny review headlines.