Josh Brolin Gets Ready For His Cable Closeup

“Someone could lose an eye!”

It’s been a good day for Deadpool 2 stuff. The whole thing kicked off with news that Julian Dennison would appear in the film. And now we’re getting a cool look at Josh Brolin getting his eye hole molded over for a sure to be gross prosthetic.

Check it out:

If nothing else, Brolin is already having a pretty good time with this Cable role. That’s certainly in the spirit of things. And of course, everyone can rest assured that the guy’s defining trait - his goofy eyeball - will be well represented. Gigantic mutant-sized muscles (try as Brolin might, he only has gigantic human-sized muscles) and tons of pouches are hopefully in the mix as well.

Hopefully, we'll see how Brolin's glowing Cable eyeball looks soon. This thing only just started shooting, and it's already offering news galore.