New DEATH NOTE Trailer Kills Everyone

Adam Wingard’s latest looks like a fucked up superhero movie.

I know nothing of Death Note, even though I’ve been hearing people talk about it for years. I assume there must be something going for it, however, and find that assumption backed up in this first full trailer for Adam Wingard’s movie adaptation:

The premise here is solid. Write someone’s name down in a book and Willem Dafoe kills them, possibly in a Final Destination manner. But there appears to be a lot more going on than that. I’m intrigued enough to find out where all this goes. I’d also like a good full shot of Dafoe’s Ryuk, thank you.

You better believe a part of me is watching this just to see Wingard’s chops when given a slightly larger scale, as the guy will be directing my beloved Godzilla Vs Kong. But even without that, I think this looks interesting and will be there when it hits Netflix August 25.