Netflix Finds Its Heart, Gives SENSE8 A Series Finale

Good things do happen.

Netflix cancelled the Wachowski sisters’ sci-fi series Sense8 a few weeks back, and the response from its small-but-devout fandom was...not positive. Social media ignited at the news, upset not just that a beloved show was being cancelled, but that it was this one in particular - a landmark in LGBT representation, and from trans creators, no less. The show was just kicking into a new act, with a cliffhanger season finale; at least give it a chance to resolve, they (we) said. But as incredible as Sense8 is, it's also incredibly expensive to make (we're talking Game of Thrones money, without the viewership to match), so it seemed the story would forever be trapped in limbo.

It seems someone at Netflix heard our cries, though, because the official Sense8 Twitter account today reversed an earlier statement, announcing that the show will see a two-hour series finale next year. Here's the letter making the announcement, which also serves as a heartfelt thank-you from Lana Wachowski to the show's team and its fans:

So Sense8, then, will in its entirety consist of two seasons and two specials. I'm happy with that. More than that, I'm happy for Lana and Lilly, and co-creator J. Michael Straczynski, whose show has been improbably rescued from cancellation for one last hurrah. Bring on 2018.

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