Set The Table: LEATHERFACE Is Finally Coming

At long last, the TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE origin story gets a release date.

We’ve been hearing about Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo’s Leatherface for what feels like years. Well, two years. It was filmed in 2015, and back in May the film’s producer finally announced on Twitter that it would be released this October. 

Today we get some specifics: Bloody Disgusting reports that the film will be a DirecTV exclusive on September 21st, 2017, with a theatrical and VOD run to start on October 20th. 

As reported previously, the film will follow four escaped psychiatric hospital patients (Jessica Madsen, Sam Coleman, Sam Strike, James Bloor), one of whom becomes the title character. In pursuit of them is Stephen Dorff as a “deranged sheriff.” Lili Taylor plays the Sawyer matriarch.

BD shared some pics from the film; it’s a safe bet the fellow in the second pic doesn’t become Leatherface? 

We at BMD love trash, we love the Texas Chain Saw franchise (even the bad ones), and we love the work of Maury and Bustillo (Inside, Livide, Among the Living). We’re pulling for this movie to be something special. And good or bad, wouldn't this play great with a midnight crowd at Fantastic Fest...?