TRYING TIMES Podcast Episode Five: The Great Escape (With Special Guest Richard Kelly)

The director of DONNIE DARKO and SOUTHLAND TALES joins Scott and Shultz to talk escape rooms and TWIN PEAKS.

As you'll soon discover, my partner Shultz and I had quite the time putting this month's episode of Trying Times together - multiple challenges flamed out on us (for various reasons), multiple guests' schedules did not pan out as needed.

It was kinda frustrating, but here's the upside: Shultz and I ended up taking on a pretty fun challenge (the two of us matched wits against a computer gone mad inside one of Austin's greatest escape rooms) and managed to score one helluva guest - Donnie Darko and Southland Tales director Richard Kelly, whose one prerequisite was that we spend some time talking about new Twin Peaks. And, oh boy, did we end up talking about Twin Peaks.

Worth noting: the following was recorded before Twin Peaks Episode 8 aired - just hours before, actually! - so none of what happened on last week's show was covered during this conversation. That said, we're currently hammering out a time for the three of us to get back together for an addendum interview, one which will focus solely on that excellent episode. We may have a bonus episode for you in the very near future, in other words, so stay tuned for that.

Until then, enjoy the latest Trying Times. Yeah, our challenge this month wasn't all that challenging, but we still think you'll enjoy the shenanigans contained herein.

Special thanks to Richard Kelly for taking the time to talk to us! While you're waiting on the next installment of Trying Times to roll around, make sure you're following all three of us (that's me, Shultz and Richard Kelly) over on Twitter, and don't be shy about sending Shultz and I suggestions for future challenges. Next month, I'll be getting into some shenanigans at SDCC, while our special guest will be taking in one of the most unfortunate live acts currently touring the country. Gonna be a good one!

Until next time, folks! Be safe out there.