Fox Sets Release Dates For Six New Marvel Movies

X-Force? Gambit? Fantastic Four? Jubilee??

20th Century Fox struck gold with Deadpool, but its main-series X-Men films aren’t as exciting as they were fifteen years ago. As of yesterday their Marvel calendar seemed sparse compared to Disney, with only trio of films officially on the horizon and a couple more potentially in prep, but it seems the folks at Rupert Murdoch’s House of Mediocrity have a little more on their plate.

In addition to New Mutants (April 13th 2018), Deadpool 2 (June 1st 2018) and X-Men: Dark Phoenix (November 2nd 2018), the studio has added six new Untitled Fox/Marvel Film entries to the one they’d already planted a flag for on February 14th 2019. That makes seven yet-to-be-announced Marvel movies over the next few years, so get speculating!

Here’s when the remaining films are set to debut:

- February 14th 2019 (previously announced)

- June 7th 2019

- November 22nd 2019

- March 13th 2020

- June 26th 2020

- October 2nd 2020

- March 5th 2021

It’s more than likely that two of those three 2019 dates will be occupied by X-Force and Deadpool 3, but even if we assume Gambit is still happening alongside some kind of main X-Men follow-up to next year’s Dark Phoenix, that still leaves us with three spots on the calendar.

One of those could be the rumoured kid-friendly Fantastic Four reboot, but as for the other two, your guess is as good as mine! Maybe Fox doesn’t know for sure yet either and they’re waiting to see how New Mutants does before green-lighting a sequel. The first film, reportedly a full fledged horror movie, comes out on Friday the 13th. It'd be pretty neat if they kept up that tradition with that 3/13/2020 release date. They could also be holding the door open for James Mangold to return with a Laura-centric follow-up to Logan. 2021 sounds like a good time for that to go down.

What are some X-Men characters or stories you’d like to see on screen? Sound off below!