Mondo’s JAWS Soundtrack Is A Jaw Dropper

John Williams' complete score, available on vinyl for the first time - plus a gorgeous poster release.

Y'all know us. Know how we earn a livin'. We're movie geeks, and on the 4th of July, movie geeks celebrate Jaws. This year is no exception, and this time out, it's a doozy: Mondo is releasing a 2XLP of the Jaws soundtrack, and the cover art is so beautiful it's getting its own poster release.

The soundtrack is a huge deal, as it's the first time composer John Williams' entire, actual film score has ever been released on vinyl. And the poster - well, scroll down and see. 

First things first: the details on this soundtrack, which just went up for pre-order on the Mondo site:

One of the finest achievements in film music and quite possibly the most iconic score of all time, John Williams’ score to Jaws is absolutely essential for soundtrack collectors. While the Grammy-winning 1975 MCA album was a re-recording, Mondo’s 2XLP set presents the entire Academy Award-winning score as composed and recorded for the actual film in its first-ever vinyl release. Album co-producer Mike Matessino restored, edited and mixed the music from the original studio elements for the best possible quality, approved by the composer himself.
John Williams won a much-deserved Oscar for his work on Jaws, with a score that not only manages to accentuate the terror of the onscreen action without resorting to cheap stingers, but also layers in beautifully understated cues to offset the horror with much needed relief. Quiet and calm one minute, then ratcheting up the tension with screaming strings the next when the great white attacks.
Commenting on the soundtrack release, Mondo’s Head of Music Spencer Hickman said, “Jaws is a defining soundtrack of modern cinema and I almost passed out when we found out that not only could we release the iconic score on vinyl, but that we could do the film’s original score that has never before released on any vinyl format. Releasing the JAWS soundtrack is like a dream come true, a score that defines my youth and shaped my movie going tastes for the rest of my life. The shark is definitely still working!”

Guys, look at this thing:

Music From The Motion Picture
Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Artwork by Phantom City Creative
Music Restored, Mixed, Edited, and Mastered by Mike Mattesino
Additional Engineering for Vinyl by James Plotkin
Liner Notes by Mike Mattesino
Pressed on 2X 180 Gram Colored Vinyl
Featuring audio never before available on Vinyl


Side A
01. Jaws – Main Title 0:59
02. The First Victim 1:45
03. Remains On The Beach 0:59
04. The Empty Raft (Extended Version) 1:45
05. The Pier Incident 2:30
06. Father And Son (Film Version) 1:59
07. The Alimentary Canal 1:58
08. Ben Gardner’s Boat 3:33

Side B
09. Montage 1:35
10. Into The Estuary 2:53
11. Out To Sea (Film Version) 1:01
12. Tug On The Line 2:39
13. Man Against Beast (Film Version) 5:34

Side C
14. Quint’s Tale 2:48
15. Brody Panics 1:16
16. Barrel Off Starboard 1:41
17. Great Chase 3:02
18. Shark Tows Orca 0:41
19. Three Barrels Under 2:17
20. From Bad To Worse 1:07

Side D
21. Quint Thinks It Over 1:14
22. The Shark Cage Fugue 2:02
23. The Shark Approaches (Film Version) 0:53
24. The Shark Hits The Cage 2:03
25. Quint Meets His End 1:27
26. Blown To Bits 3:17
27. Jaws – End Title 1:57

Recognizing just how badass the soundtrack's cover art by Phantom City Creative is, Mondo is also releasing two versions of the poster at 2PM Central Time TODAY.

Jaws by Phantom City Creative
24"x36" Screen Print
Regular Edition of 225
Printed by DL Screenprinting

Jaws by Phantom City Creative
24"x36" Screen Print
Variant Edition of 225
Printed by DL Screenprinting

There's also going to be a special variant available at San Diego Comic Con later this month:

Jaws by Phantom City Creative
24"x36" Screen Print
SDCC Variant Edition of 225
Printed by DL Screenprinting

Jaws is an iconic masterpiece of the 20th century, and these items certainly do right by that icon. Once again - the soundtrack album is available for pre-order on the Mondo site right now, and the posters go up for sale at 2PM CT. Farewell and adieu to you ladies of Spain.