Denver Comic-Con: Nathan Fillion Gets the Bird


The Firefly cast have remained close over the years since the show’s untimely cancellation. How close? You’ve seen the videos and the reunions, so it doesn’t take that much explaining, but know that the inside jokes live on too. Three years ago Jewel Staite visited Denver Comic Con. She told us that if Nathan Fillion ever made his way out, that we as a convention were to give him a gift. Jewel promptly flipped off the crowd and continued on with her panel.

Denver doesn’t have a whole lot of air, but we don’t forget out here. So, if you’re ever wondering whether or not Captain Tight Pants himself is a good sport, know that he handles a hall with thousands of people flipping him the bird “from Jewel” like a champ. There’s really not much behind the story. The two of them would just find creative ways to flip each other off while on set and the game has lived on even though they no longer work together. Your move, Fillion.

When he wasn’t getting flipped off, he was delving into details of his career for the fans. When asked if he’d ever do Shakespeare again, he confessed that the wordsmith terrified him (“It’s like Yoda with a thesaurus!”) and that he’d much rather leave it to pros like Clark Gregg. The subject of shaving his perfect hair came up as well, which led him to confess the fact that the back of his head is unreasonably flat, and that no one wants to see that. Embarrassing head shape aside, hell yeah he would. Hair grows back, and roles are roles.

Despite his willingness to do what it takes for the right role, Nathan’s not looking for any commitments right now. Castle was a lot of work, and he’s been enjoying playing the field with odd jobs as of late. So far as body transformation goes, he’s not opposed to it, but Serenity remains the best shape he’s been in, in his life.

He’s also got some advice for people looking to become actors, but really it’s just some exceptional advice in general.
     - Learn from other people’s mistakes.
     - Leave the room with your dignity.
     - Be kind to everyone you meet on your way to the top. They’re the same people you’re going to meet on your way down.

Since the actor spent Canada Day with us here in America, he had to tell a story about fellow Canadian and funny-man, Ryan Reynolds. They were filming a movie in which Ryan was banging on some glass (in character, of course), and things went a little sideways. He got a touch over-zealous, resulting in the glass shattering everywhere. And it wasn’t trick glass. Ryan, while bleeding like crazy from a gash in his hand, just looks around him and says “I’m good.”

If you want to hear more of what he had to say to his Colorado fans, you can check out the full video below. In it he discusses the weirdest gift he’s ever been given by a fan (which actually ended up being kind of sweet), whether or not he can carry a tune in a bucket, and who he fanboys over!