Millie Bobby Brown Visits Denver Comic-Con To Talk STRANGER THINGS

Seriously guys, RIP Barb.

If you’re here for spoilers for season two of Stranger Things, I’m sorry to say that I have nothing for you. Not only was it reiterated to us countless times that we were not to ask questions about the second season of the Netflix hit, but at one point we were even told that there were secret operatives from Netflix with blow darts hidden throughout the crowd. Everyone was very serious about it. Except for Millie.

Millie Bobby Brown made her way to Denver for Comic Con right off the set of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. After all the “no spoiler” talk we did manage to get two things about Stranger Things season two from the young actress. The first is that Barb is absolutely, unequivocally dead. The second is that Eleven will absolutely be back. Both are less news and more confirmations than anything, so hopefully there will be no blow dart casualties.

As it would happen, Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven wasn’t supposed to be as involved in Stranger Things as she was. According to the actress, she was supposed to sacrifice herself earlier on when Will was being attacked by the bullies. After seeing her performance, the producers went a different direction. Despite the fact that she ended up being more involved, she still hasn’t seen the show. She also didn’t delve into the '80s like the other children did. Where the boys all needed to learn the pop culture and social norms of the decade, Millie managed to avoid it since her character was so detached. Millie does wish that kids had the same freedom that children of the '80s did, but aside from that she much prefers the present.

Aside from her launch into stardom, she likes to consider herself a typical teen. You can check out some highlights from Millie’s panel below thanks to Pop Culture Classroom. Just FYI, those highlights include her singing for the room here in Denver, and discussing the fact that she had no idea her character had powers when she walked onto set for the first day.