BUFFY’s Big Bads Celebrate Their 20th Anniversary At Denver Comic Con

James Marsters will go just as far as you'd expect for a good stunt.

It's hard to tell whether or not your show will have a lasting impact on people when you first start filming, but many members of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's cast had a pretty good idea that it would. James Marsters, Juliette Landau, Mercedes McNab, and Claire Kramer joined us at Denver Comic Con to talk about where they are twenty years later, and some of their favorite moments on set. Each cast member had varying levels of involvement in Joss' two vampire series, but each of them made the best of friends on set and still keep in contact today.

The panel kicked off with each of the big bads sharing one of their favorite memories from the show. For James, it was picking on Sarah. James has always had a problem with being differential to anyone, especially because of perceived status. Of course, he went out of his way to mention that Sarah didn't see herself as more important than the rest of the cast, but in LA, that's just how it works. When James had to be rigged up for what was supposed to be a rather uncomfortable stunt (it actually wasn't all that bad), Sarah mentioned she had to use the restroom. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go, right? Well, James proceeded to rag on Sarah until she left the set in a huff. They tried to pull him down from the rig, but he refused to come down until she returned and they shot the takes they needed. The two have obviously come a long way from that moment!

For Juliette it was scenes with James and David Boreanaz. She liked shooting with James because they both have theatre backgrounds and could bounce off of each other. As for David, it was a particular scene that left her laughing. She and David had to be belted together for one of the flashback scenes, and the cast and crew went to lunch and just left them there. They had to scream and scream to get let out! As for Mercedes, it was "ouching" in uncomfortable, tacky '90s shoes with Charisma Carpenter.

Working on a show like Buffy isn't always fun and games, though. There's a lot of hard work that goes into putting one of those episodes together, and each member of the cast has the one that they remember as the most challenging. For James Marsters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the most scary and most challenging job of his career. TV can be boring, unless you're working with Joss Whedon. He does remember one episode in particular where he really wanted to do his own stunt, and they were hesitant to let him because it involved literally lighting himself on fire with no clothes barier between himself and the flames. After finally convincing them, he let the flame burn for too long and burned the hell out of himself. Knowing they wouldn't let him do stunts again after that, he ran off set to get his own doctor and told no one of the incident.

The confessional scene was Juliette's most difficult moments, mostly because in the choreography later she got kicked right in the head. She does say that the moment where she pins her assailant against the wall was that much more convincing because there really was a deadly "don't" behind it. For Mercedes, it was the episode that revolved around her in Angel, and for Claire it was Glory's dialogue. Oh, and if you ask Claire? Glory wasn't a villain at all. She was just working hard for what she wanted!

Each of them shared their most memorable moments from the show as well. In true Buffy fashion, the answers ranged from hilarious to touching. For James, it was kicking David Boreanaz's ass on his own show. But for Mercedes it was dancing with the late Andy Hallett in the bar on Angel. Claire agreed, mentioning that all of her best friends are from the show(s). There's plenty of more laughs (and a quiz!) to be had from the panel though. You can check out the whole thing below. You'll even find out what made Marsters exclaim "Buzz Aldrin was a midgit!"