Reddit Users Find Themselves In A Wes Anderson Movie

Are we in a movie right now?

"Aesthetic" is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but when it comes to filmmakers like Wes Anderson, the word actually has meaning. Fans around the world can recognize a film of his based solely on the look and feel of the piece, and that's exactly what's started to happen on the subreddit "Accidental Wes Anderson".

The page is exactly what it sounds like. Fans started to notice places around the world with that certain Wes Anderson feel and began throwing it up on reddit for others to see. Since starting, that subreddit has grown to include locations all over the world. Tokyo, Germany, Singapore, North Korea, and more all have locations up on the site, and that's just a sampling from the first page.

In some cases, it's places that have been stumbled upon. In others it's fans who straight up renovated homes to have that certain look. Fans have found castles, train stations, light houses, store fronts and more that boast that Wes Anderson look, and have tossed them up online for all to see.

You can check more out here.