It’s Time To Announce The Winner Of Our IT COMES AT NIGHT Great Debate

You voted on the best way to survive an apocalypse. These are our findings.

A few weeks ago, the latest installment in our long-running Great Debate series put the following question to Birth.Movies.Death. readers: what's the best way to survive an apocalypse? Was it "Every man for himself!" (as argued by BMD's News Editor, Scott Wampler) or was it "Team Cooperation!" (as argued by BMD contributor Kalyn Corrigan)? 

Well, the results are in, and the victory is decisive: with almost double the votes, "Team Cooperation!" wins. Here's a word from Kalyn, who has just been informed of her landslide victory:

"I was honestly just stoked to participate in my first ever Great Debate for Birth.Movies.Death, so being declared the victor in the end is very cool. Thanks to everyone who voted for “Team Cooperation”, and I just hope that my flowery words and sheer excitement over Trey Edward Shults’ brilliant work somehow persuades some of you to go see It Comes at Night, preferably in a dark theater, with nothing around but a bucket of popcorn and that evasive bright red door staring back at you from the screen."

So, congratulations to both Kalyn and the BMD readership at large, both of whom have struck a major blow for humanity today. Scott and the rest of his misanthropic cronies are, as expected, doomed to failure and/or certain death. 

Stay tuned for the next Great Debate, headed your way sooner rather than later, and thanks for playing!