LOGAN LUCKY Clip: Daniel Craig Weighs The Positives And Negatives Of Taking A Job


Last night I floated a theory that Eon Productions is hanging back on any Bond 25 announcement, in order to not take away from Daniel Craig’s performance in Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky. Returning for Bond 25, not returning for Bond 25 – this conversation will dominate press junkets soon enough. Just ask Matt Reeves, who’s out in these streets trying to promote what's by all accounts a genre masterpiece, and bloggers won’t stop asking him about the goddamn Batman. I’d like to believe that the Broccoli family is taking care of their incumbent 007 and just letting Mr. Joe Bang have the spotlight for a minute.

Like so.

I’m pretty sure when Craig was announced for this role, no one predicted a “Jim Varney as a jailhouse hairdresser” kind of take, but man it is working. This performance is at least a lock for a Supporting Actor Golden Globe, right? 

Logan Lucky opens on August 18th.