The BMD Week That Was: Spider-Man, THE BIG SICK, And A Whole Lot More

Shining a light on those hard to reach stories.

Most days, a whole lot of stuff passes across our front page. Sometimes worthy stories disappear a bit too quickly. For that reason, we’re putting together an overview of how the week went down. From crazy news stories, to editorials we love, to just plain goofy articles that deserve a second look - this is The BMD Week that Was.

I think the big thing this week has to be Spider-Man, and on that subject we had a lot to offer. First off, we had reviews with Kevin Feige, Tony Revolori, Tom Holland and Laura Harrier. In addition to that, we also reviewed the film and took a great look back at Ultimate Spider-Man. We also shared a super cool Mondo poster for the film.

When it comes to reviews, we also had A Ghost Story, The Little Hours, and The Big Sick. In honor of the latter, Emily Sears wrote a great article about the underrated Punchline. Andrew also reviewed the latest episode of Preacher.

Collins’ Crypt looked at Jaws 2. While Brian was doing that, Wampler was surviving Jaws 1. Phil looked at Errol Morris’ Interrotron, Jacob revisited Full Metal Jacket, and I totally lost my shit and made life-plans with the Geostorm trailer. Meanwhile, Say Something Nice covered The Haunting (the newer one). Broad Cinema looked at the legendary Edith Head. And hey! We found out who won the It Comes at Night Great Debate (psst... it was not Scott).

The saddest part of this week (please god don't let there be some real life tragedy I'm forgetting) was its lack of a new Twin Peaks episode. But we made do with Jacob's great writeup of a very telling interview with Kyle MacLachlan. Jacob also let you know about some Shudder exclusive films you should be watching. Not Jacob but Jof looked back at Blow-Up. And last but not least, hearing impaired writer Adam Membreys.

So if you're bored this weekend and looking for something to read, I do believe we are your Huckleberry. Have fun, and we'll see you next week!