IT’s Bill Skarsgård Joins The Cast Of Hulu’s CASTLE ROCK Series

No, not as Pennywise.

Word we keep hearing is that Andy Muschietti's adaptation of Stephen King's It, is gonna be something special. Another thing we keep hearing is that Bill Skarsgård, who plays Pennywise in the film, absolutely crushes it. It would appear the folks over at Hulu's Castle Rock have heard the same, as Skarsgård has just been added to the cast of that fledgling series. 

Here's the news, via Variety:

"Bill Skarsgård has been cast as a series regular in Hulu’s Stephen King series Castle Rock, Variety has learned.

In Castle Rock, Skarsgård will play a young man with an unusual legal problem. He joins a cast that includes Sissy Spacek, André Holland, Jane Levy and Melanie Lynskey."

The Castle Rock cast is coming together like gangbusters, isn't it? The only real question at this point is how deep this show will dig into King's Castle Rock mythology. After an announcement trailer listed off the names of a bajillion classic King characters, we've heard nothing further about any of them...y'know, actually appearing on the show. Shouldn't we at least have an Alan Pangborn by now? Wherefore art thou, Duddits?

Also worth noting: that initial trailer also name-dropped Pennywise. If our ol' pal Bob Gray really is going to appear on this show, why not just bring Skarsgård over to play the part, especially seeing as how It seems poised to be such a big-ass hit? 

So many questions, so precious few answers. We're keeping our ear to the ground on this one, and will keep you informed as we learn more. In the meantime, where do you folks stand on Castle Rock? Still pumped? Wish we were hearing more about the classic characters we were promised? Sound off in the comments below.