Rejoice: CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Returns To HBO On October 1st

In Larry David we trust.

Good news for my fellow misanthropes: HBO just made it official - Curb Your Enthusiasm returns on October 1st. They've put together a trailer and a poster for it and everything! 

Check it out:

And here's that poster:

Not sure what significance (if any!) there is to be derived from Larry David's get-up here, but I also don't really care. All that matters right now is that this writer's spirit animal, Larry David, has crafted a new batch of Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes that will be hitting HBO in a matter of months. I hope I learn nothing further about it between now and the day it arrives.

Where are you folks at on this? Are you as excited for Curb's return as we are? Not so much? Sound off in the comments below.