Lucy Liu Will Direct The LUKE CAGE Season 2 Premiere

I guess she’s technically part of the MCU now.

Someone at Marvel Television clearly heard all the brouhaha about there not being enough ladies directing these things. In addition to Jessica Jones season 2, all 13 episodes of which will have women directors, the premiere of the next Luke Cage season will be directed by Lucy Liu. Yes, that Lucy Liu!

Before you fire up your “Why don’t they hire the best person for the job?” cannons, may I posit that Liu might, in fact, be one of the best people for the job? She directed four episodes of Elementary (which she also stars in, in case you think that’s an easy task) and if you can get your hands on her short film Meena, a kinetic piece about the difficult social issue of child trafficking in India, you should definitely give it a go. Plus, between Kill Bill and Charlie’s Angels, it’s probably fair to assume she knows her way around staging action.

Now that I can get off my soapbox, here’s what Executive Producer Jeph Loeb had to say:

“When you’re dealing with a bulletproof man, it helps if you have a bulletproof Director,” said executive producer Jeph Loeb. “Lucy brings a keen eye, a superb sense of story, and an obvious love of actors. She is rocking Luke Cage 2.”

And here's Liu's part of the press release:

“What a thrill to collaborate with Marvel and Netflix, two industry titans, who paint our world with inspiring stories and beguiling characters,” remarked Lucy Liu. “It is such an honor to work with such a passionate and fearless team.”

This is cool. Let’s hope it marks a trend in getting different kinds of perspectives behind these things. Luke Cage season 2 arrives 2018. Aren't all thirteen epsiodes technically the premiere episode? Chew on that one in the comments!