Could Jaume Collet-Serra Be The Next SUICIDE SQUAD Director?

If we’re lucky he will.

Suicide Squad (and I want to pre-apologize to fans of that film) is a total garbage fire movie. Which is too bad on multiple levels. One, we all had to watch a horrible movie. Two, the whole Suicide Squad idea is cool. Three, David Ayer should be out there making good insane movies, not bad insane movies. Don’t waste your Ayer on something that’s PG-13.

Maybe there’s a good Suicide Squad movie out there, though. And it looks like Liam Neeson’s Jaume Collet-Serra will be the next person to try and find it.

According to Deadline, Collet-Serra is now the frontrunner to get the film. He’s a real PG-13 action kind of guy, so this could be a good match. It also bodes well for Liam Neeson joining the cast. I don’t care who he plays, just get him in there somewhere.

Collet-Serra still has The Commuter coming out, and it looks like he’s also going to make a movie about Waco and the Branch Davidians, so he has a lot on his plate already. Nevertheless, if we have to have another Suicide Squad movie, I kind of hope he’s the guy to do it.